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Welcome to ArizonaLandOwners.com


    Beautiful land properties are now available for sale by owners in Arizona countryside. We are a group of individuals who own these properties.

    We have land parcel sizes that range from few acres to more than thousand acres from different regions of Arizona.  Ask us about terms. 

    Please feel free to browse through this site to explore the countryside. If you have specific questions that are not answered, we will do our best to answer them for you. 

Email Us: AZ.land168@yahoo.com

Bowie,  Arizona,  1120 acres, RU-4 (BACK ON MARKET, SOLAR USE PERMITTED)Bowie,  Arizona,  1120 acres, RU-4 (SPECIAL USE PERMIT FOR SOLAR FARM OBTAINED)

Contact:  Glen Wu
Voice:  (949)232-2086


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